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"My Name Is" T-Shirt

f r o n t

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    (Hi! My name is Slim Shady)    

b a c k


    (Hi, Kids! Do You Like Violence?)     

Slim Shady Tour Shirt

f r o n t

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(Eminem - Photo)  

b a c k

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(Slim Shady Tour)  


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Note: If you have trouble ordering with the shopping cart program, you may FAX your order to 310-362-8843, or you can mail your order for $20 + $4.50 S&H to the address below. Only XXL sizes for "My Name Is" Shirt are left. Please specify L, XL, XXL for the "Tour Shirt". Make checks payable to:

P.O. Box 230250
Las Vegas NV

Please fill out your order form including your name, address, phone number. Do not forget!

Do NOT make checks payable to Eminem or Eminem.Com.

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If you have any problems using the secure shopping server, e-mail orders@hiphopsite.com for help.

Do NOT send your credit card information to the orders@hiphopsite.com e-mail address.

Do NOT try to order sizes smaller than a L, XL or XXL, as those are the only sizes currently available.