Mel-Man / Eminem / Dr. Dre In The Studio

Eminem's Siamese Twin Brother Separated At Birth - Living In Germany

DJ Head on the 1&2 during the Euro Tour

Our favorite store in Germany. Now how do you pronounce that?

Proof rockin' Germany

Shady writes lyrics on the tour bus

Denine flippin' off next to the drummer of Blink 182

Eminem: "I'm gonna jump."

"I'm sayin', I needed to rest cuz I had to walk up the step of the bus."

"Ya'll better fuckin' catch me!"

Proof beats living shit out of Mummy.

Eminem at photo shoot:
"Are you done yet?"

Paul Rosenberg:
Eminem's faithful attorney-at-law

Last known pic of the Mummy. He took off in Stockholm.

The homie from Black Eyed Peas crowd surfs.

Eminem, Proof, DJ Head and numerous Elvi

Who is the magic mushroom man?

"Homes, I'm pollyin' for a new deal on Shady Records"

"Security, we have spotted the child molester. He answers to the name of Kaniff. Kenneth Kaniff"

Proof & Em signing stickers.

DJ Head / Denine / Em after partying in NYC.

Proof tags up a wall.

Head / Proof / DJ Nasty / Mike H waiting for Em so they can go to Burger King.

Em: " Yo Proof, don't look now but all the Marlboro people are staring at me. And who is that dude with the guitar?"

David Schwimmer, Biz Markee, Funkmaster Flex, Tommy Davidson, Maucully Culkin, Method Man, & Dick Butkus at the 20th Annual People Magazine Celebrity Dinner.

Em poses for Nike ad.

Eminem: "Fuck you, we're workin'!"

Proof layin' out on the blow up.

Eminem - "I am not a midget"

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.

Proof does his best Jar Jar impression.

Em & Proof Freestyling in Paris

Em: "Fuck! I gotta piss!"

Bizarre taking charge of the m-i-c.

Em & crew on German MTV

Em having a healthy meal while writing lyrics.

Denine & Paul want you!

Em and Ice-T

Em & Proof rock shockin' it on the Warped Tour.

Where are we supposed to piss?

DJ Head & Paul rocking the latest fashion.

Proof begins his metamorphisis into Hamsterman.

The masters at work.

DJ Head's arms are burnt off during a solar eclipse.

DJ Mighty Mi during the European tour.

Mr. Eon rocking the crowd during the Euro tour.